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Ruben Kenig

My name is Ruben Kenig and I created this site so that I could have a space to publish some of my thoughts/rants/ramblings on subjects I am passionate about, music, creativity, copyright/intellectual property and using the internet mostly. This may seem a funny set of interests, but they are mine.

I have a particular interest in how advances in technology can assist all creative people but primarily musicians. As well as new creative possib­il­ities with digital technology there has been an explosion of interest and invention in how individuals can use the internet to help their businesses to flourish. The possib­ility is certainly there but how to do this often seems a challenge. I hope to be able to share some things I have learned and new discov­eries here.

I would love to hear any (well almost any) sugges­tions you might have for this site, topics you would like to see covered, inform­ation you feel I could provide or new features for the site itself. Please also feel free to contact me if you would like to republish any of the content here outside of the scope of my default Creative Commons licence.

If you wish you can also stalk/chat/giggle at me on several social networks.

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