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I used to play punk, then jazz. Somehow I went to music school to study composition. I wrote music and made sound design for theatre and studied film music. In the interstitial spaces of this I made websites as a content manager and project manager. I sometimes publish articles at

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There is a symbiosis between popular culture and counter-culture. Both camps deride, and seem to feel threatened, by the other but they need each-other and form a dynamic system. That dynamism is vital. Cultural evolution is important whether in the … buy generic Dilantin

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In a previous post I rehearsed some arguments about why direct to stereo recording may be a desirable recording method. There are two main reasons for this, the first is that it gives a chance to capture a live performance … buy Dilantin online uk

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There are many benefits to parti­cip­ating in online social networks. The ability to build a large network without geographical constraints gives access to support, insight, feedback and promotion oppor­tun­ities in an immediate, easy and powerful fashion. There seems to be … cheapest place to buy Dilantin

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