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I used to play punk, then jazz. Somehow I went to music school to study composition. I wrote music and made sound design for theatre and studied film music. In the interstitial spaces of this I made websites as a content manager and project manager. I sometimes publish articles at

Ideas are like piles, sooner or later every a**ehole gets them

Ideas are just a starting point. The real trick is taking an idea and making it happen as well as possible. Derek Sivers defines ideas as a multi­plier and I think that’s a useful way to look at it. He … Continue reading

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The Two Hemispheres of Music Production and The Struggle to Keep Them Separate

Modern music production software is brilliant stuff. It gives us the capab­ility to do so much that was previ­ously only possible in expensive studios and with the help of several musicians. There is even the potential to sync to picture … Continue reading

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Why am I not a rock-star?

The internet has created a landscape of huge potential for aspiring musicians. There are lots of sites purporting to exist to help you claim your spot in the pantheon of your heroes. So why aren’t you selling millions of albums a year and wondering if it’s blasé to put your 20th Grammy in the downstairs toilet? Continue reading

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