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Pop culture and counter-culture: Mutually antagonistic symbiosis

There is a symbiosis between popular culture and counter-culture. Both camps deride, and seem to feel threatened, by the other but they need each-other and form a dynamic system. That dynamism is vital. Cultural evolution is important whether in the … Continue reading

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Attribution Matters

The imaginary band album cover game has come back up on Facebook, perhaps it never really went away. It’s a chance operation game where you, Find a bandname via the Wikipedia random article function. The article title is the bandname. … Continue reading

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Ideas are like piles, sooner or later every a**ehole gets them

Ideas are just a starting point. The real trick is taking an idea and making it happen as well as possible. Derek Sivers defines ideas as a multi­plier and I think that’s a useful way to look at it. He … Continue reading

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