Twitter: Does it have to change the world?

Lépicié,_Nicolas-Bernardt<_Narcisse<_1771Janet Street-Porter has used her role as Editor-at-Large for The Independent newspaper to express her disdain for Twitter. She claims that, “tweeting has replaced sex as this summer’s hot activity,” so the genesis for the vitriol may have been a partic­u­larly ungra­cious brush-off. Whatever the genesis of the rant the article does highlight some inter­esting perspectives on Twitter from those who don’t seem to under­stand the potential of the service.

Her objec­tions seem to boil down to the perception that Twitter is,

  • Shallow
  • Narcissistic
  • Illiterate
  • Middle-class/middle-aged

Some of this is true but Twitter is a large community with many different types of people involved. The main area where I feel she misses the point though is that Twitter is about communities not individuals. Yes, the individual we love the NHS tweets don’t present a compre­hensive argument for the benefits of the NHS. The aggregate of the tweets is inter­esting though. Continue reading Twitter: Does it have to change the world?