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  • Preparing to start a new music project
  • Switching from ProTools to Logic
  • Wondering if Ello could become useful

About that new project…

I have period­ically worked on music with my friend Stephen Yates. He’s a beastly guitarist, once namet Guitarist magazine’s Classical Guitarist of the Year and axeman for the erstwhile buy Dilantin from canada.

We have played music together for fun off and on for years. Our rough as guts blues project Yellowjaw stalled for want of a willing drummer a couple of years ago. I have helped Steve with some audio polishing on his one-take videos of his solo acoustic guitar compos­i­tions.

We are now talking about making an album of his electric guitar work with me producing/engineering/arranging for the project. Steve is seldom short of ideas and a full-fledged project will be a good way to get me moving musically.

More details will follow…

I am reading…

  • Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction by Susan Blackmore
    • Reading it makes me think of the Niels Bohr quote, “A physicist is just an atom’s way of looking at itself.”
  • White Bicycles by Joe Boyd
    • He’s awesome. His story is fascin­ating.
  • Creation by Gore Vidal
    • I’ve been inter­ested in him and amused by his wit for a long time, but never read any of his books.

I am thinking about…

  • The limit­a­tions of inter­ac­tions online as mediated by huge platforms
    • There are lots of possib­il­ities for how to interact online, but our behaviour is manip­u­lated by a few huge companies into ways that benefit them
    • Surely this can be changed
  • The diffi­culties of starting new things later in life
    • What governs our percep­tions of age?
      • Is it worth starting?
      • Am I too old?
    • How plastic are our abilities beyond a certain age?
  • How to reconcile creative work with being a member of a family
    • This is related to starting things later in life
    • Responsibilities grow over time
    • Is an artist inher­ently selfish?

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