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Drummer in a gorilla suit

The image Andy Budd promoting Silverback is by Danny Hope and made available under a Creative Commons license

Jonathan Ostrow has written an inter­esting and thought provoking post on distrib­uting your music for free at Music Think Tank. The main point is that where can i order Dilantin. Even if you are not getting paid cash you can demand value in the form of attention, in a newsletter sign-up or publicity, in a tweet or Facebook like. The post gives some good advice on how you can put this in to practice and there is a useful debate sprouting in the comments about the general concept of giving music away without charging cash for it too.

Jonathan’s post and the comment thread have made me think more about my previous post, buy generic Dilantin. That post was intended as an overview but there is a great deal to this subject and it deserves a deeper look.

If they don’t value your music they don’t deserve it

This point is made well and force­fully in the comment thread of Jonathan’s article by Tim London. The key question is, are we as musicians devaluing digital music by distrib­uting at no cost or are we reacting to an existing situation?

I think it depends on where you are in your career. My previous post was based on the idea of a musician emerging on to the internet with a small local following. For them attention is valuable. If you have a national reputation, are touring yourself (perhaps opening up for estab­lished acts) and have a robust and active online fanbase then perhaps free is no longer a useful strategy for you.

The main point is still how to you get attention. Perception of value is important. This perception is influ­enced by popularity. Even the most jaded hipster in the whitest skinny jeans likes some kind of valid­ation of their choices. I think that risking a non-existent income stream to try to build a business is worth a shot. The perception of music as a free resource is not just down to independent artist distrib­uting for free. Spotify, YouTube, Songza and the file-sharing community are part of this too. Changing a culture is a big ask. where to buy Dilantin 100 mg

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Free Hugs

The image sometimes, a hug is all what we need by kalandrakas is used under a Creative Commons License

Why don’t you give away your music for free? This is one of the sticking points in independent artist music marketing. People are scared to give access to their work for free but it can be an important tool in gathering the attention you need to make a living from your work in the longer term.

can you buy Dilantin over the counter in usa Of course you’re not going to make money from this but you might make money because of it. He gives the example of his excellent e-book generic Dilantin no prescription. It has always been free but it has made him money by getting him gigs speaking, consulting and writing.

There are lots of reasons that musicians don’t want to do this and they all come down to fear,

  • Fear that their work will be devalued
  • Fear that they will be ripped off
  • Fear that the music they give away is the only good work they will ever create

It is true that as Andrew Dubber says giving your music away isn’t a business model. You aren’t going to make money from it but what are you loosing? As an up and coming independent artist how much money are you making from downloads and CD sales? If you are making any congrat­u­la­tions and if you’re making enough to support yourself please tell me, and everyone else, how you did it.

If you’re not making much money from media sales what do you have to loose by giving people free access to your music? I would suggest not much, but you do have a lot to gain. In order for anyone to value your work they have to know about it and lowering the threshold of access is a great place to start. buy brand name Dilantin

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purchase DilantinRecording at home (yours or someone else’s) as opposed to a commercial studio has many advantages, cost, comfort and available time amongst them, but disad­vantages too in terms of recording envir­onment. One of the main disad­vantages can be that the rooms perform­ances are captured in are designed for living in rather than recording. This can cause some inter­esting issues when trying to record a stereo room sound with phase issues. Mid/side (M&S) recording can be a great way to deal with these issues.

M&S has several advantages,

  • Bulletproof mono compat­ib­ility
  • Equal focus on the center and sides
  • Control over the width of the sound during post-production
  • No need for expensive omni pairs

These advantages are very useful in a home recording envir­onment. In an asymmet­rical room complex phase relation­ships can develop, often frequency dependent ones. With M&S you have great mono compat­ib­ility with your middle channel. Mic placement still matters but there is always a fallback to pure mono. This can be a take-saver in a room that may sound great but is hard to record in with other stereo techniques like spaced omnis or XY stereo. The mono fallback allows you to make your mic placement decisions based on what sounds best rather than what minimises phase problems. can you buy Dilantin in mexico

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