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Online music distribution: Not all free is created equal

Jonathan Ostrow has written an inter­esting and thought provoking post on distrib­uting your music for free at Music Think Tank. The main point is that no money doesn’t have to mean no trans­action. Even if you are not getting paid … Continue reading

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Is Online Harmony Holding You Back?

There are many benefits to parti­cip­ating in online social networks. The ability to build a large network without geographical constraints gives access to support, insight, feedback and promotion oppor­tun­ities in an immediate, easy and powerful fashion. There seems to be … Continue reading

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Attribution Matters

The imaginary band album cover game has come back up on Facebook, perhaps it never really went away. It’s a chance operation game where you, Find a bandname via the Wikipedia random article function. The article title is the bandname. … Continue reading

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