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Recreating my musical self with the aid of (community) gravity and other invisible forces

I have had a somewhat unsettled relationship with making music for a long time. It has always been a passionate one, but it has often been difficult to the point of not being an active musician for many years at … Continue reading

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Is Online Harmony Holding You Back?

There are many benefits to parti­cip­ating in online social networks. The ability to build a large network without geographical constraints gives access to support, insight, feedback and promotion oppor­tun­ities in an immediate, easy and powerful fashion. There seems to be … Continue reading

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Two Cultures Clash

Two recent events in the world of technology and the internet serve to bring into relief the diver­gence between two ways of viewing the devel­opment of technology in general, the refusal of GoogleVoice apps by the iPhone App Store and … Continue reading

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